An initiative by different artists to make brave groups visible in times of quarantine.

We are a group of professionals from the province of Alicante. But we could be from Huelva, Cantabria or Palencia. We are a group of creatives, designers and communicators. We could also have any other profession, but the one we choose invites us to start a movement that is very visual and very creative. And we do it with the conviction that the arts, in this and in the battles to come, are an antidote to indifference.


The second objective of this platform is to raise funds for solidarity purposes. The profits from the sale of the works of illustrators / creatives will go to the “Yo me corono” initiative. Its objective is to define which drugs will serve to immediately treat those infected and prevent contagion in their contacts. Through another project, “Yo me corono” is also working on a vaccine against the virus. Soon you will be able to purchase the illustrations from this website, meanwhile, you can join the donations at and learn more about the initiative.

Urgency has set our priorities. There are already more than a hundred people among illustrators, collaborators and communication professionals moving to get everything ready. If you prefer to buy the illustrations, you can do so from May 11 from this website.