Winning proposal of the 8th Edition of the “Hazlo Tú” contest organized by Yorokobu magazine  in collaboration with Volkswagen.

Don’t let the image on the front and back cover of Yorokobu issue 101 on paper mislead you. Although it may seem like it, it does not give cramps: it electrifies. Its circuits and cables do not emit discharges to whoever touches the magazine, but it can cause “excitement” in the mind of those who look at it, and therefore, to qualify it, we cling to the second meaning that the RAE collects about the verb electrizar .
The electrifying image, the work of Pedro García Beneyto “Riu” , is the winner of the 8th edition of “Hazlo Tú” , a contest organized by Yorokobu Yorokobu and Volkswagen. Riuson’s proposal was chosen from among those sent by about 620 participants from countries such as Italy, Argentina, Guatemala or the United States, as well as Spain.